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Liber Fridman, biography

Liber Fridman working

Liber Fridman was born in Argentina . Since he was young, he manifested his adventurous spirit in an outer search that took him to the most throbbing places of South America . This was the reflection of another search, an inner one, which would allow him to find himself, his original style and his own destiny. These searchers would take him from the Hispanic-guaranitic architectural monuments of the interior of Paraguay to the rubber plantations of the Amazon; places he portrayed during the years that he stayed in each one of them.

After visiting Brazil , he spent a short time in the inland of Venezuela and then traveled to Peru where he would find the reason of his trips and his existence; a country he would not leave for several decades. In Peru , Fridman discovered the peculiar style of his art. As he was getting into the pre-Colombian cultures, he was able to capture their mythological and missing legacy in his work. One time, during an exhibition of his works in Lima , someone asked him what he expected to transmit with his art. Fridman answered with an exceptional phrase: “to recreate a world”. This answer summed up the whole spirit that impelled his work, the recovery of the mythical past of the pre-Colombian Peru .

Shortly before he was 70, he returned to Argentina where he started to give birth to his best works. Only when he physically left his beloved Peru , did he manage to express, with the highest intensity, everything he developed and thought out during the decades spent there. It was in Argentina where he found the distance and peace that he needed to create the definitive and final set of his artistic production.


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